Pre-Birthday Haul

These are some of the amazing things that I purchased (and I still have more coming through mail)!!! I will be posting close-ups of everything below.

I'm a really big fan of crochet, and these flats are to die for, not to mention they were only $10!!! I've actually already worn these once last weekend, and my only complaint is that they're really painful on your feet. I was out for around 5 hours that day, and I wasn't doing any excessive walking (and they're not too small either). By the second hour I was out, I noticed that my pinky toes on both feet were hurting really badly. I mean so bad that it started being difficult to walk. When I finally arrived home, I had huge blisters from all of the rubbing. If any of you have purchased or are going to purchase these shoes, I would recommend putting something soft in between your pinky toes and the shoes. 

I think this is my favorite piece that I purchased. This is a cute chiffon top, and the color is actually a pretty coral (my coral fascination!!). It has a really pretty crocheted collar and a keyhole back.

So, I really wanted to wear a cute and girly muscle tee, but I didn't have the muscles to wear it (lol). Now my arms are super toned and I can't wait to show them off in this flowy Chic top. 

I love coral for spring!! It's really pretty and soft. I fell in love with these high waisted shorts mainly because of the gold buttons. The gold compliments coral really well. I can't wait to create an outfit with these.

I'm in looooove with this romper!!! The print is really fun, and it's so comfortable. This really has a spring-y feeling to it, and it will look great with a cute cardi. 

I saw these jeans online at F21, and I was a little cautious to buy them. They were only $7.80. I thought they were going to be really thin and cheaply made. When I finally received them in the mail, I loved them. They're perfect for spring. They're light on your skin, and they're well made. 

 I've always wanted a bib necklace, and I was so happy when I found this unique fan bib. Gold is my favorite color for jewelry, and this necklace is perfect for a casual or a formal look. I've actually wanted to wear a head chain for a while. I wasn't sure how it would look with my curly hair, and after browsing Youtube for a while, I saw a lot of girls that wore a head chain with their curly hair, and it looked amazing. I loved it even more than with straight hair. I can't wait to wear it with something in coral. :)

OMG!!! I love Hello Kitty so much. I have so much Hello Kitty jewelry, and I noticed that I didn't have any rings. OMG WHY DIDN'T I HAVE ANY RINGS???!!!! I actually was just going to buy one, but I liked these two and just couldn't choose between them. I had to have them both.

One day last week, I received a ups package from Ulta, and it had my name on it. I hadn't purchased anything from Ulta and I had no idea who did. When I opened the package, I saw a little card. I opened it and it read, "Happy Birthday, Sis!!!" I was so excited that my big sister had sent me something great for my birthday. I was actually about to purchase this Chi Luxe Thirst Relief Conditioner because of all the great reviews. It really does work perfectly for curly hair, and my hair always feels moisturized. 

I also love the Diane High Volume Detangler comb. My hair always gets even more tangled when I wash it in the shower, and when began to apply my conditioner so that I could start the detangling process, I noticed that this comb just easily glided through my hair. I came to the conclusion that the section of hair I was working on just wasn't tangled. So, I moved on to the next section, and the comb glided easily through once again. I was ecstatic that I've finally found a comb that really detangles my hair easily without pulling it out and having to spend too much time on it. My sister is awesome!!!! 

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