Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Fashionistas!!

I hope you all are having an amazing week. It's the time of year again!! And you're all probably racking your brains to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you're like me, you probably think you have plenty of time to purchase gifts, but then the middle of December rolls around, and you think, "Where has the time gone?!!" To ease your troubled minds, in this post I'll be sharing with you all some really great last minute gifts that will put early gift shopping to shame.

1. The Foodies

Nostalgia Electrics PNB-900 Pigs in a Blanket and Appetizer Bites Maker $70.00* (prices may vary)

For the foodies in your life, this pigs-in-a-blanket maker is perfect. It makes perfect, adorable little pigs, and it's quick and easy to use. This gift would be awesome for that Christmas morning breakfast with the family. 

2.The Social Butterfly

The colder months are the worst for those of us that always use our smartphones. A nice, cozy pair of texting gloves will keep your hands warm while sending those texts and checking Twitter. 

3. The Runner

A pair of wireless headphones are a runner's best friend. They're also perfect for the gym, any other form of exercise, or just if you hate wires!! They come in many different colors, and they're in high demand for Christmas.

4. Those Hard-To-Shop-For Peeps

You can never go wrong with a gift card. Letting them shop for their own gift at a place you know they'll love is just as awesome as getting them a gift. 

5. For the Cute Pets in Your Life

Sold in stores at Petsmart

Shopping for pets is super easy, but this year reward your pets with the 12 Days of Giftmas! Rewarding your pets with something different for 12 days will let you know what they like, and it lets them try out something new each day. A pet subscription box is also fun. There are so many options for different kinds of pets, and these gifts will make them very happy. Petsmart and Petco have some really great gifts to help put your pets 12 Days of Giftmas basket together. 

6. For Everyone

Dollar Tree and

Putting together some last minute goodie bags lets everyone know you were thinking about them. They're also really inexpensive ways to gift everyone without having to search for individual gifts. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you're having trouble viewing anything on this page, check out my main blog, Confessions of a Prima Donna. Please, stay tuned for my next post. Feel free to leave comments and questions. 

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Haulidays

Hello Fashionistas!!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where you can get great deals on many of the products that you want at your favorite stores. Many stores opened their doors Thursday night, and it's always a thrill beating others to that special product. It's always a great idea to shop online as well if you want to beat all of the crowds. Not to mention, most items don't sell out at quickly online.

This Black Friday, I bought many staple items for the winter.


It's a tradition in my family to read about the birth of Jesus and watch the Nativity Story every Christmas Eve. We also buy cozy PJs and drink hot chocolate. This is the pajama set that I decided on this year.

Sally Beauty:

When I saw this makeup brush roll, I had to have it. I really love the inside print, and it's very convenient for travel. 

I also bought a new dome eyeshadow brush.

Charlotte Russe:

I totally love this top. The oxblood color is to die for, and I'm addicted to gold detailing. I'm also really obsessed with chiffon and asymmetrical cuts.

 I don't have many cardigans, so i definitely had to have this cream colored one! It's basic, but the color is so beautiful, and it's really cozy.

I'm so in love with this coral chiffon top. The gold detailing really caught my attention. You definitely don't see a gold zipper on a top everyday!

This sweater is so chic and comfortable. The material is perfect and cozy enough to wear alone.

I'm so in love with these over-the-knee chestnut riding boots. They also have my favorite gold detailing, and they're going to look perfect with both the oxblood and the chiffon top. 

Camel print fringe scarf.

I'm really into the midi ring trend right now, but I didn't own any, so I was really excited when I found these two super cute ring sets.

This triple design necklace was so adorable that I couldn't pass it up, not to mention it's gold! 


I really love the Tarte Smooth Operator finishing powder. It's great if you have oily skin and to wear alone.

I was so excited to get this amazing nail kit for only $2.99

I really love the Brow Expert. It was on sale for $5.

I was dying to try this kit out. I was shocked that it was only $15.

Ulta 5 for $5 deals.

SheaMoisture hair products! 

This product wasn't on sale, but my mommy really loves this moisturizer, so I had to get it for her. Philosophy has really great products that last a long time, so $42 isn't so bad. 

This does it for my Black Friday Haul. Did you all get some great deals? I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you're having trouble viewing anything on this page, check out my main blog, Confessions Of A Prima Donna. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my previous post. I hope everyone has a lovely day. 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Fashionistas!!

Health Update

Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a couple of months. I spent some time in the hospital, and I'm now recovering and doing well. You all know that I suffer from chronic migraines, and my neurologist had me on many different medications plus my monthly nerve block injections. I recently started having seizures and an irregular heartbeat from the combination of medications that my doctor prescribed. I'm a lot better now, and I'm happy to blog again! :)

Holiday Gift Guide

Well, it's that time of year again! The holidays are here, and oh so many gifts to buy! Now is the perfect time to search for a gift for everyone on your list. This gives you a lot of time, and it shows that you put some thought into your gift instead of waiting until the last minute. It can be very hard finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, so here are some great gift ideas to save you some time!

For Wonder Mom:

For many, mom is the most important person (she's definitely my most important person :)) so she deserves the most amazing gift. Many moms are really big on accessories, so some great gift options could range from jewelry to bags.

Things Remembered is a great store to get beautiful personalized jewelry and gifts that any mom will love.

Satin Heart Locket, Things Remembered, $50 (price varies with personalization.)

For Mr-Fix-It Dad:

Dad's always think that they can fix anything better than a professional, and they really love to build things on their days off. So getting them one step closer to their next building project is the way to go.
Craftsman 263 Pc Mechanics Tool Set, Sears, $179.96

For the Family-Oriented Grandparents:

My grandparents are really huge on family. They love planning family trips and reunions, and they're super interested in our genealogy. So, if your grands are like mine, a perfect gift would be a blown up family tree with extra spaces to add more additions to the family.

Family Tree, Etsy, $20+ (price varies with size and personalization.)

For the Fabulous Sister:

I really love shopping for my sister. She's an elementary school math teacher, so I really love getting her things for her classroom or little things that will help with organization. This year I plan to change it up by getting her a gift that matches perfectly with her favorite hobby, fitness.

By buying gifts that matches your sister's hobbies or something she loves, you know that she will be able to actually use the gift often.
Fitbit Flex, Target, $99.99

For the Beautiful Bestie:

My best friend is very fashionable and a total beauty addict, so the gift options are endless. I really love to put gift baskets together with everything that my bestie loves in them: scarves, makeup, bath products, jewelry, and many other great things.
Lorac The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Collection, Ulta, $25
Beauty Gems Color Me Gorgeous Kit, Ulta, $12.99

The Laid Back Beau:

I've always found it super hard shopping for guys. I always buy a gift, but then I'll take it back and buy something else. For your laid back guy, you're going to want to buy a gift that he'll be able to use for years to come, and something personalized lasts for years.

Black Danbury Watch, Things Remembered, $99.99 (sale, price varies with personalization.)

Cuddly Cuties:

My pets are so spoiled, and they know exactly when a holiday is coming up. I love to gift my doggies with treats that are nutritious and great for their teeth and a few squish toys to keep them occupied.
Blue Dog Bone, Petsmart, $13.99

Plush Dog Toy Bone, Dollar Tree, $1.00

Stocking Stuffers:

Stocking stuffers are great little gifts if you love to treat a bunch of people. Almost anything can be a stocking stuffer, ranging from candy to travel size hand lotion. What I love to do is buy packs of holiday gift bags from Dollar Tree, put about three stocking stuffers in each, and give them to friends and family.

2 Pack Gift Bags, Jumbo Coloring Book, Rudolph Candy Cane, Christmas Mug, Festive Pens, Plush Beanies, Dollar Tree, $1.00

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous post. If you're having trouble viewing anything on this page, please check out my backup blog, I Am Fashion.

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